How we think

Our job is to create for our clients the most engaging and powerful video communication possible. And there are a thousand things we do to make sure that happens. But sometimes it's as much what you don't do that makes the difference.

So here are three promises we'll make.... 

If we don't know what makes a client tick, we'll never know how to make them shine. This means really getting to know and understand the people we are putting in front of a camera.

We can't help people engage with others if we don't first engage with them


We understand that our clients are putting their reputations on the line every time we commit them to video. Our first responsibility is to protect those reputations.

We will never put our clients in situations that make them feel uncomfortable


Video is a powerful tool, but it's not the only one. And sometimes it's not the right one. When it isn't, we'll say so.

We'll never recommend video when another medium is better suited to the task