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Farm Safety Foundation

The Farm Safety Foundation campaigns to educate young farmers about the risks of working in the UK's most dangerous industry. Supported by NFU Mutual Insurance, it provides education through residential courses and online training programmes. A key part of the challenge is making 16 to 24 year old farm workers appreciate the harsh reality of the consequences of not taking enough care. So they came to us to help tell the stories of farmers who know the dangers only too well.

Peter Fisher died in a farming accident last year, leaving behind a wife and three sons. Jack, one of those sons, describes his father, the accident and its impact on their lives.

A moment's misfortune has left Rhys Lewis paralysed from the waist down. He describes what happened and how he is coping with his new life.

A moment's carelessness changed Jim Chapman's life forever. He talks about how his accident happened and what life has been like since.