meet the team

We are a small, nimble team supported by a huge network of freelancers. With a combined experience of more than 50 years in broadcast journalism and production we know where to find the best talent for any situation.

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guy ruddle

Founder and CEO

Guy has a unique perspective on modern video communications having been both a multi-award winning broadcaster and the man behind the UK's leading online newspaper video product.

Guy spent 15 years at the BBC as a producer, reporter and presenter of business programmes. He recently tried to estimate the number of broadcast interviews he had conducted but gave up when he went past 10,000. In amongst that number are most, if not all, of the business leaders of the day along with a range of senior politicians and other opinion formers.

As Editor of Telegraph TV he was responsible for the development of what was widely regarded as the leading online newspaper video offering in the UK. Through a combination of a ruthless focus on audiences, constant technical innovation and helping print journalists become broadcasters he built the channel from half a million video plays a month to over 8 million.

What do you wish you could do but can't?  Speak French properly...and juggle...at the same time.

Worst school memory?  Thick slabs of massively overcooked liver.

“People think interviewing is all about asking aggressive questions. Most of the time you are talking to expert witnesses who’s insights you are trying to tease out.”



henry richards

Director of Photography

Henry is a cameraman and producer with a vast amount of experience in both the documentary and corporate worlds. His TV work includes factual and current affairs programming for the BBC, Channel 4 and Al-Jazeera.

He has been involved with first Touch since the beginning so he knows everything there is to know and more.

In his spare time he still develops and makes documentaries. His latest project was an investigation into how Peru is facing an ecological crisis through a lack of water.

What do you worry about? My mild obsession with tripods - but don't tell anyone.

Food or drink? Food, every time.

“Can we just do it one more time? I think there is a better angle.”


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isabel mermagen

Producer and director

After several years working as a Lloyd's broker, Isabel began her media career as a reporter/producer for Reuters Television in Tokyo, covering breaking news and the Asian economic crisis for a live international television audience.

On her return to London, she worked for Reuters as a programme editor, crafting regular shows with complex broadcast elements including graphics, reporters from throughout the global network, as well as contributors from the corporate world.

She has extensive experience of both presenting and packaging information in an informative way and has worked with a wide variety of senior business leaders in broadcast environments.

Outside the world of broadcasting, she has also worked as a writer for Moneyweek magazine.

iPad or paper pad?  Both.

What are finally prepare to admit to? Nothing...yet.

“The best moment is when someone’s personality suddenly shines through”



chris hanson

Head of Sound

Chris has been in digital media all his working life. His work has taken in many aspects of the media ranging from video production and editing through to music. He is an expert in digital delivery systems and editing systems.

He is also a recording artist with a record deal, but because his field is the world of psychedelic trance his friends and family try not to mention it.

Football or rugby?  Cricket.

Who would you like to be?  Me...for now.

“Which way do want me to point this thing?”