At First Touch TV we use a fresh approach to video to help you build relationships with your stakeholders, in quick, nimble ways without breaking the bank.

We harness the power of your people to sell ideas to customers, inspire your workforce and engage shareholders. We do this by making sure your people come across as passionate and human. Because it is only if we can find and communicate people's real personalities that their messages will be believable and powerful.

Above all, we understand that the world of video can be a scary place and we're here to make it less so.


Our vision

We believe nothing engages an audience like being face to face. And modern video consumption and mobile communications channels allow us to get closer to replicating that face to face experience than ever before.

So whatever we are working on we put people at the heart of our clients' video communications.

And because 'corporate' messages can be cynically received, we understand that it's only by getting at the real person being filmed that you can tap into the emotional investment that video offers.

We do all this by working together with our clients, understanding that the creative process is a conversation, not a lecture. And we always deliver on time, and on budget.

We bring together a wide range of experience in broadcasting, advertising, marketing, business journalism,  and new media development. The team has a proven track record in creating and delivering innovative video products in fast changing, multimedia environments.

And for 20 years we've helped unprepared and inexperienced contributors to look good and communicate effectively, often in the most stressful, broadcast circumstances.

our people


Our clients include one of the world's biggest travel companies, a leading global bank, the UK's pre-eminent CSR charity and a number of leading business organisations, as well as many smaller clients.